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Siemens 300/300A

Siemens 300

Product Brochure

Zigma Meditech India is one of the leading companies specialising in the supply and service of refurbished Siemens Servo 300 ventilators. 

The Servo Ventilator 300 is designed to address the very different requirements of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients in one instrument. Preset ranges for all relevant flow and volume parameters are automatically adjusted with a patient range selection knob.

Your own preferred treatment parameters can then be safely and flexibly customized. This ability to ventilate any patient with the Servo Ventilator 300’s comprehensive range of features means that you can move the ventilator wherever it’s most needed so there’s no more need for specific ventilators for specific ICU\'s.

The Servo Ventilator 300 offers a wide range of ventilation modes for supported and controlled ventilation. It offers modes like PRVC (Pressure Regulated Volume Control) and VS (Volume Support) to deliver the required volume at the lowest pressure. And it features an ultra-sensitive triggering system, minimizing the work of breathing and gently but securely working with your patient.

The 300A offers Automode in addition to the other features of the 300. Servo Screen 390 offers a graphical display option to both these units.  The Servo Screen 390 also features numerous information display pages complete with annotation. These pages show, for example, the loops and waveforms typical for specific clinical conditions – valuable in clinical evaluation as well as for training procedures.