Zigma meditech - Puritan Bennett 760
Puritan Bennett 760

PB 760

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The Puritan Bennett 760 provides affordable respiratory care. Its integrated air piston system ensures that the unit can be moved anywhere within the facility to provide ventilation. In built battery back also ensures that the PB 760 can work in conditions where the power supply is erratic and not normal.


  • Exceptional value in a ventilator that is easy to use and service.
  • Ideal for metropolitan hospitals and remote medical facilities.
  • Equipped with a high performance gas delivery system, combined with frictionless air piston and flow triggering, allows the ventilator to respond to a patient's breathing efforts without the need for a compressed air source.
  • Sophisticated system that delivers mandatory breaths in both volume control ventilation and pressure control ventilation to support pediatric and adult patients with a wide variety of clinical conditions.
  • Can be mounted on a cart or shelf, giving hospital units maximum flexibility for use.
  • Speaking Valve Mode allows you to ventilate patients on speaking valve while monitoring delivered volumes.
  • Comes with "current" and "proposed" lights to indicate those settings in effect and which displayed mode, breath type and settings the ventilator proposes.


The Puritan Bennett 760 can be used for Pediatric and Adult patients and can also implement NIV (Non Invasive Ventilation).