Zigma meditech - HP CodeMaster XL/XL+
HP CodeMaster XL/XL+

The CodeMaster XL/XL+ by HP is a flexible choice for high-use areas of the hospital including operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiac care units, and emergency departments.

This high-performance, high-speed unit charges from 0 to 360 joules in under 5 seconds. Plus it offers you a variety of advanced options, so you can easily customize it to meet the needs of your unit.

Optional multi-function electrodes allow you to pace and defibrillate with the same pads. And hands-free operation allows remote defibrillation to protect operators and save time.

The HP CodeMaster XL+ also offers true 1-2-3 operation, built-in pediatric paddles under slide-off adult paddles, adjustable heart rate alarms, a high-capacity battery, and a paddle-to-patient contact indicator to take the guesswork out of defibrillation. It's everything you'd expect in an HP defibrillator/monitor.