Zigma meditech - Datex Ohmeda ADU S/5
Datex Ohmeda ADU S/5

Datex Ohmeda ADU

Product Brochure

The Datex Ohmeda AD As3 or S/5 combines enhanced ventilation features, electronically controlled gas delivery and agent vaporization with patient monitoring and information management to create a truly integrated system.  Zigma Meditech India has a large installed base of this wonderful unit and has been supporting clients for the last three years with this exciting product.

Monitoring included:

Volume, Pressure, inspired Oxygen (VPO)
Paramagnetic oxygen analysis (much longer sensor life).
Gas monitoring (agent and carbon dioxide)
Physiologic monitoring (EKG, NIBP, Pulse oximetry, Invasive pressures)


Ascending ("standing") bellows, dual circuit, pneumatically-driven ventilator
with tidal volume corrected for leaks, compliance, and fresh gas flow (by D-Lite sensor at
Y-piece). Modes VCV, PCV, SIMV, Manual/Spontaneous. Accurate to very low tidal volumes
(20-1400 mL).


Electronic Aladin vaporizer does not require any calibration as its precalibrated. No maintenance required.