Zigma meditech - Ultrasound Machines, Probes, Color Dopplers
Ultrasound Machines

With the vast network of healthcare facilities and dealers, Zigma is now offerring remarketing services for Ultrasound Machines, Color Dopplers and Probes. We now have a very big inventory of GE, Siemens, Toshiba Ultrasound machines and color dopplers. In addition to the units, Zigma has various Ultrasound Probes as well. These Ultrasound units/Probes  would be offered in As is Working Condition, Fully Refurbished and with/without warranty. 

Zigma has the facility to export these units out of India as well and have tie ups with leading shipping companies like DHL Global and Fedex to ensure that the units reach the destination in a safe and fast manner.

Contact us at ultrasound@zigmameditech.com for obtaining details regarding our current inventory.