Reducing Medical Treatment Costs

With the new Narendra Modi led government in place, there are expectations on all fronts – the Healthcare industry and its allied Medical equipment/devices industry are looking forward to new projects and new ideas for extending quality healthcare to all parts of India.

What are the steps that the new government take in order to reduce Medical Treatment Costs and make it affordable for the average Indian? Below are some thoughts and suggestions:

1. Streamline the Medical Education system and ensure that money is not the factor in making a person become a doctor or not

2. Highlight the lack of technical personnel and provide new colleges/polytechnics where new courses are imparted at very affordable costs – courses like Respiratory Therapist, Imaging Technician and so on. This would ensure that the youth of this country who are looking for opportunities would get the right skills required and be valuable for society as well. Most of these courses need to be delivered using the local languages as this would ensure that the skills taught are not stopped due to language barriers.

3. Review all processes with respect to purchase of equipment – currently no government facility uses refurbished equipment. By allowing the use of refurbished equipment, the cost of equipping hospitals would be drastically reduced while at the same time ensuring that smaller/far flung centres get access to medical equipment which would otherwise have not been available

4. Bring in a body to have standards for all medical equipment – currently there are no guidelines and where guidelines do exist, they are outdated and mundane. This has benefited China immensely as Chinese manufacturers are smartly dumping low quality equipment at low prices in the Indian market.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome

Rajagopal Geethu

Zigma Meditech India Private Limited

(A company specialising in providing refurbished medical equipment to healthcare facilities throughout India)

Changes in the Medical Equipment Refurbished Industry

With the Indian rupee being pegged at 60 against the US Dollar, there has been a drastic trend of late in the Medical Equipment Industry especially the refurbished segment. This trend is that suppliers are looking at positioning any product in order to suit the budgetary requirements of customers. It is like putting a square peg in a round hole!!

One of the reasons that the refurbished medical equipment industry grew steadily in India was down to the fact that the doctors and operations staff of hospitals were very familiar with specific make and model of equipment. This lead them to buy refurbished equipment even though the make and model were not the latest. A great example of this was the Siemens Servo 300 Ventilator. The Servo S and Servo I ventilators have been available from Siemens/Maquet for a long time – however doctors preferred the Siemens Servo 300 due to the ease of use and familiarity with the product. ┬áThe above mentioned units were available in plenty in the used/refurbished market and around two years back the US Dollar was at Rs 44. However in the last six months, the availability has come down due to the overall slowness in the US where clinics and healthcare facilities are not doing too many trade in’s. Secondly the Indian Rupee has depreciated to 68 and now at around 60 to the US Dollar.

This has lead to price increases and slow down in sourcing side as well. Customers are being ill informed and mislead by certain parts of the medical equipment industry sales personnel and who are looking at pushing square pegs in round holes by giving products which do not meet the complete requirements of customers. While it is true that “Let the Buyer Beware” exists, in the long run such parties are reducing their credibility and also that of the refurbished medical equipment industry as well.

It would be helpful if in India, a trade association is formed for the refurbished Industry which would then educate all concerned including Government officials on the happenings, advantages and disadvantages of using sub standard medical equipment which gets passed off as Refurbished Equipment.

One more area of technical expertise

We are proud to announce that we have acquired technical expertise in the area of dialysis machines. We had a very senior engineer who had worked with Fresenius handle a long and detailed training session including hands on training in setting up, calibration and trouble shooting the dialysis machines.

All our senior engineers have been trained and hence forth Zigma Meditech India would be in a position to provide sales and service of refurbished Dialysis machines. Initially the focus would be on handling Fresenius machines and we plan to add other brands as well.

We look forward to an exciting phase now in the development of Zigma and assure you our best services.


Cardio Thoracic Projects

We are now entering into an exciting phase in Zigma Meditech. The services of a very senior engineer with tons of experience in cath labs have been formalised and this would enable us to offer this product going forward. This ensures that Zigma is able to offer a complete end to end equipment solution for a Cardio Thoracic Project. There are quite a few projects that we are currently bidding on and hope to start some very soon.

In addition to the Cath lab and other products, Zigma is now offering Sarns 9000 Heart Lung machine in addition to the Sarns 8000 heart lung machine which seems to be the gold standard. The technical team headed by M Jaheer Hussain is completely trained and equipped to handle any kind of servicing on the Heart Lung machines. They have successfully installed and have in operation six cardio thoracic setup’s.

As usual we thank our partners who have helped us to get these projects and help us be successful in this foray.

Yours truly

Rajagopal Geethu

A Word of Thanks

Zigma Meditech India was started in 2005 and today has grown into 25 person organisation. What started as a single product company – we started selling ventilators and especially Siemens 900C, has today grown into handling about 7 product ranges and with over 25 active products. Today we are well known especially in the Southern part of India for delivering high quality refurbished Ventilators, Anesthesia workstations & Defibrillators to name a few.

At this point in time it would not be out of place to put in a special word of thanks to the all our customers, partners and well wishers who have guided us into achieving and have also constantly motivated us.

It would not have been possible for Zigma to have grown to this level without the unflinching commitment of my co-directors and all our employees (few past as well) who have as a team have believed that it is possible to achieve our goals without compromising our basic values of honesty and integrity.

Today our newly designed website is up and running and we trust this would also help us to leverage ourselves better and grow both in terms of business volumes and product ranges in the years to come.

I look forward to responses if any from one and all.

Yours Truly
Rajagopal Geethu

Medical Buyer Interview regarding Refurbished Ventilators in India

Article that came in Medical Buyer Magazine – July 2010

Look forward to feedback from one and all